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You must be at least 13 years or older to join the forum and the server. Anyone underaged will be suspended until they turn 13. 

The community will not tolerate any true discrimination or any kind of bigotry towards anyone of any background. Don’t be a douche, and treat others with respect.

• With the exception of YTP/YTPMV/MAD/Edits, NSFW/NSFL media is not allowed. The staff will use discretion.

Conversations that tend to lead to uncivil discussion (like politics, for example) are prohibited. Avoid topics that tend to cause toxic discussion.

Please do not make posts that are irrelevant to the topic. It is prohibited along with spamming anywhere, shitposting with little to no relation to the current conversation, necrobumping, and collaborative flooding. It makes it difficult for people to have actual discussion in the community, and doesn't support much at all. It's also highly recommended to be mature in casual discussions and be on topic.
Any kind of harassment or abusive behavior is not allowed, even self-harm and suicide.

Raids, invasions, malicious planning, conspiracy, and illegal activities are forbidden.

Trying to find a loophole around these rules is forbidden

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April 06, 2022, 12:57:39 AM
Beta release of the forum! The forum is finally released. This is a beta version meaning it's obviously not finished yet (ex. there is no video gallery) However, we have mods installed for PM attachments, articles, the ability to make a custom profile with HTML/CSS, and more.
If you want to write ideas and suggestions for the forum, you can do so here.,12.msg21.html#new

April 19, 2022, 09:41:15 AM
Forum Suggestions Share your ideas on the forum here
April 19, 2022, 10:23:40 AM
Post your YTP preview [text]
May 05, 2022, 05:36:42 PM
Post your YTPMV/MAD preview [text]
May 05, 2022, 06:57:17 PM
Pinchbacks Version 1.0 is finally freakin' done
After a month of the forum being on maintenance, the forum is now open and out of beta. This is version 1.0 of the forum. However there are still bugs in the forum. Reasons why it took so long to update was because of the hoster of the forum being frequently inactive, me having to get the "Like Posts" mod to work, trying and failing to get a status update mod to work that caused more bugs, upgrading SMF to 2.1 then back to 2.0 which caused most of the members' icons to go missing, and tweaking with a lot of settings for the forum and the modifications. I also improved the rules for the community.,2.0.html After doing all that with help from the staff, the forum is finished enough to open. And thanks to my friend who also helped me purchase the multimedia gallery mod, the forum now officially has a page to post your and others' works. Not only that, there are a handful of mods installed in the forum. I'm satisfied to say that I'm finally done with this.

Here are the two mods I installed during the beta version I want to mention because of how useful they are in customization:

  • Ultimate Profile, the ability to customize your profile in HTML and CSS
  • BBCode with style, the ability to use CSS in your posts
And here are the installed mods that's part of the forum update:

  • A multimedia gallery page to post your works in
  • A tagging system
  • A karma feature for both the users and the posts
  • CountryFlags for your profiles
  • A mod that indicates who is the topic author
  • "Relative Dates" to display dates for posts by minutes, hours, etc.
  • A label for banned members
  • The ability to put notes in topics
  • Add additional topic authors
  • A mod that shows important topics.
  • The ability to add buddies faster, which is those broken icons you see in the boards next to the users.
  • Custom achievements
  • An automatic image resizer for posts
  • TinyPortal to design the forum
  • Tabs in posts to be uses with BBCode
  • ENotify for better notifications on incoming PMs or new replies
  • a BBCode button for PHP
  • a blog feature
  • The ability to search sent PMs
  • A reply button in every post
  • The ability for moderators and admins to mark replies as a "Best Answer"
  • A staff page to contact us.
  • "FancyPosts" where you can add the forum's GUI elements in your posts with BBCode
  • An event registration mod that can be used at the Calendar page
  • A spoiler button
  • The ability to like posts and topics finally
  • A mod to get rid of spam members or bots.
  • A Knowledge Base page for writing tutorials and tips & tricks, even copying directory articles from the NewChew website. ( I copied the first three articles in there so that can motivate you into moving some more articles there and maybe even write new articles.
  • "Status Updates", which is just a blog/sub-board named as one because I'm unable to get a mod working.

June 23, 2022, 02:32:54 PM
Banner thread Submit your banners here!

The size should be 675 x 128 pixels

June 23, 2022, 10:06:12 PM
TUBEPOOP: STORY MODE PART 2 (OPEN) This was EOGB’s collab at first, but because YouChew 2.0 impoded and EOGB retired, I became the host and had created part one of the collab. And now because YTPMania died, the thread will be in Pinchbacks.


You don’t have to be a talented flash pooper to join, it’s doesn’t matter what kind of pooper you are.

  • The collab will go out in a neverending story format. Each person who applies for the collab will be queued. The queue will highlight the order in which a person completes their entry. So if you complete your entry, then whoever was the latest entrant after you will have to complete their entry.
  • You have only 5 days to finish an entry. Each person can only work on their entry and publish it once the person before them has completed theirs and so on.
  • Entry duration can be whatever.
  • You can do anything in this collab, you can kill characters off or have them go in any place, but it must be connected to the recent plot.
  • This isn’t a tennis so you won’t have to poop on the last person’s entry.
  • When you’re finally next on queue you have to reply to me that you will be joining so I can give you the proper deadline.
  • I advise you to not have your entry contain too much effect spam and ear rape that could disconnect with the story.
  • Entries must be unlisted until the whole collab is uploaded and done.
You can make an entry in 5 days.
Anything is possible.
This isn’t a YTP tennis at all.
Entries are unlisted.
Entry duration can be whatever.


Part 1:
Part 2:

Part one:


June 24, 2022, 12:44:12 PM
Re: What do you think is the worst YTP you ever saw? Adam Kaps's Blue Clues YTP

June 28, 2022, 10:35:19 AM
Re: The "U" blocks didn't broke. Isn't it?
Wait why was incubo banned again?

Se7enSlasher, a.k.a Incubo_, stalked and threatened dalek2004 after she screenshotted Se7enSlasher saying a slur (which is the censored N word with the hard-r) to wrog (one of the three who doxxed midori)

July 16, 2022, 05:16:25 PM